Uvify Draco 4×4 Racing Drone, The Fastest


Uvify Draco 4x4 Racing Drone
Fastest Drone On the Market!

The Uvify Draco 4×4 Racing Drone is the drone for you if you want the fastest racing drone on the market and capture all the action in stunning video.

Origins of the Uvify Draco 4×4 Racing Drone

Uvify is a smaller company which was created in 2015 by a team of machine vison specialists, mechanical and aerospace engineers.  UVify jumped into drone racing and with many of hours of development and hard work, have risen to the top of the drone racing scene.

The attention to detail and expertise in autonomy and Artificial Intelligence has led to the development of the Uvify Draco-4×4 Racing Drone, which has been dominating the racing community. 

Uvify Draco-4×4 Racing Drone design of Excellence!

When developing the Draco 4×4 Racing Drone, Uvify used the design of the Uvify Draco Quadcopter as its base design.

The Draco’s chassis is made of High-Strength Carbon Fiber and is designed and tested to withstand multiple impacts without cracking or breaking.

Uvify was also looking ahead to the future by designing a modular chassis that allows for upgrades and new parts to easily be swapped out like the 4×4 propeller arms which Uvify’s engineers have extended.

Also planned for the near future is a ground vehicle module. 

Others advancements that make the Draco 4×4 Racing Drone so dominant would include:

  • Low center of gravity enhances the drone’s superior handling.
  • N54 Curved Super Magnets, placed with overlapping magnetic fields, guarantee a high torque output, quick acceleration and rapid response .
  • Hollow Titanium-alloy shaft reduces the weight by 50% compared to standard motor shafts.

What Makes the Uvify Draco 4×4 Racing Drone So Fast?

Uvify’s new racing drone comes equipped with 16 strong Motors and a sleek design for ultimate speed. 

The Uvify Draco-4×4 Racing Drone has massive power with its 16 motors and has a superior presence in the air.  This new creation in the racing drone design but Uvify gained them a position in the DR1 racing league in this upcoming season. 

Advancements in excellence!!!!!!!!! 

The Uvify Draco 4×4 Racing Drone was unveiled at the CES 22019.  Uvify’s Racing Drone’s design is dramatically different than most, and has become the world’s fastest and most maneuverable drone in Pro-Class and X-Class series. This drone will be raced exclusively in DR1’s Racing U-Class in 2019. The Draco 4×4 Racing Drone has a 16-rotor design and, hundreds of LED lights that line the huge drone.

These changes will make the tracks larger, the drone’s racing the fastest around and the crashes more dramatic for the user. FPS racers admit that watching small drones’ race is like watching a turtle cross the road. UVify has not publicly published the specs on this machine quite yet.