TITAN Underwater Drone

What if we told you that drones are over a century in existence? The first unmanned aerial vehicles were seen in the mid 19th century during a war in northeastern Italy. These drones were in the form of balloons loaded with explosives, programmed to drop on targeted places. 

Over the decades, drones have evolved from being military weapons to commercial toys. Outdoor and Indoor drones are the first kinds in the commercial venture. It’s fun to capture beautiful outdoor moments while on a vacation or a hike. But, it is more fun to have an underwater drone that can explore the unfathomed depths of the ocean!  

The idea of waterborne drones was birthed to meet the needs of sea explorers and those who enjoy sea sports. A standard underwater drone is that which can battle the challenging ocean waves and currents and still serve its purpose effortlessly. Asides, high-performance motion technology, there are several other features to look out for when getting an underwater drone. The camera quality, adaptability, maneuvrability, cost of incurring and maintenance are vital in looking for a suitable underwater drone. 

Titan, designed and built by Geneinno, is one interesting drone we’ve not been able to take our eyes off since it’s birth. Titan makes life more beautiful for those who cherish life on or inside the sea. It is impressive as it possesses all the features mentioned above and more. 

According to the chief technical officer of the manufacturing company, Alan Wang, Titan can go 490 feet or 150 meters deep into the ocean, a depth that no other drone can reach till date. And that is one characteristic feature, besides its affordable price, that makes it sell better than any other underwater drone on the market. 

Embellished with a 4K camera with a resolution of 1080p and frame rate of 30 FPS, Titan can take you on an endless adventure under the blue waters. With its high-end camera component, the magnificent Titan captures spectacular pictures and videos, with a minimum resolution of 8MP for still photos. 

The Titan is designed to work with a mobile application, GeneRov, available to Android and iOS users which works in hand with the physical remote control. Thus provides users with wireless access to the drone at about 164 feet or 50 meters deep into the waters using a WiFi connection via a module plugged into the cable reel. The physical controller, cable control, also allows you to stream videos in 1080p at 30 FPS live outside the water. So, you see that you don’t have to get wet to explore the possibilities of Titan. 

Titan boasts of 6 thrusters that allow it to move swiftly at about 2 meters per second. The drone has a customizable pitch, yaw, and roll that keeps you in total control of the motion.  

Another exciting thing about the Titan is that you can dive into the darkest waters without having to worry about getting lost. Titan uses two powerful LED spotlights, each with a combination of 3,000 lumens of light to ensure that you stay on the right path regardless of the darkness of the waters.  

You have options of filters from which you can choose, and that shows how detailed and efficient the brains behind the Titan are. The F2.5 160-degree lens is the best option when taking shots that are not artificially illuminated from green or blue colors. 

The Titan has a long-lasting battery life, all to keep you online for hours.  

What more can you ask? Whether you are a scuba diver, an underwater photographer, or you just have a flair for the ocean and the benthos beneath it, Titan remains your best choice.