Go Inside the World’s First $1 Million Drone Race

so the prize pool is million dollars three two one I thought fit me that's what happens what do their they're wild creatures and you got to treat them with respect so we're flying and then again to spin around and I'm pretty sure that somebody clicked them from behind the world drone pre-ind by is by far the biggest race meet yet the total kitty is a million dollars with the winning team laying claim to 250,000 all stumped up by the United Arab Emirates prize money for races is normally at least ten times less than this Familia Nestor Janeiro so this is a massive step up Matt a big purse will bring out the best pilots and the best competition and that's a lot of what we try and seek out advice my rights are live for this excited to be here we start to race some of the top people in the world and excited to be in the team with some of the best pilots in the world 32 teams of five were invited to race and put up free of charge dozens more join them of their own backs teams have traveled from every corner of the world not just for the prize money but for the track we have four four pilots that will take our from these start start pods we do have electronic gates that track all the logos of the quad but we wanted to set these up because of course sometimes when you hit them you'll see some spectacular crashing the drones will have to keep right on the spine of the track that they go to the left to the right will be getting penalties we're trying to promote innovation creativity to push people to have aircraft that fly longer that fly faster to have more reliability with the motors and the propellers to to push the industry in general the having it be entertainment is as a huge plus it's just cherry on the top compared to commercial quadcopters built for photography these drones are much smaller and lighter made to raise it up to a hundred miles an hour they're custom-made stripped down for speed agility and endurance it's a growing community of tech loving thrill-seekers young and old some with jobs some with kids some are still in school I've been in our be fine millie for two like here if you fly build set up everything but for most of them it's more than just a hobby tell me nose lines it's got real potential to get big and I like to see this very similar to the the Bill Gates people in the 1970s in Silicon Valley and also that all those guys these just a bunch of nerds that are that are playing around no one really understands what they're doing but these people that are doing this understand what the future is for others here it's an opportunity to grow their business amongst their peers poor Kellett or PKS he's known in quadcopter circles runs drone X labs as well as running the team is main business selling drones a year a half ago there was a dozen decent frames now there's a 40 decent print that the word is is that we're looking at a four billion dollar industry by 2020 after a full day of qualifying it's time for the semi-finals I've been told these gates are made out of metal some to see if I can break one it's completely gone there's a pub station he fruit like going down here screen this way too so basically it just jumbled mess right into something I mean it's just flat when you're just looking at squiggly lines I mean that's as if the course wasn't tough enough many also had to battle the new courses technical problems for some pilots the race is over one pilot going through is 15 year old Luke banister he flies for the tornado ex racing team because we wanted to support such a big team we decided to go and get a sponsor so we went along and we got tornado energy who are kind of very much into esports but saw drone racing is an ex-new quite a big sport the world of online gaming with its dramatic rise in viewers generates more than 700 million dollars a year with similar first-person viewpoints as a spectator it's not a bad model the dominant force in Dubai the black and yellow of tornado is everywhere they brought 11 teams to maximize their chances of winning a lot of the the sponsors are looking at this market placement no one's really ready to pop like jump in completely they wanted to test the water so the world Rome Prix was like a perfect test for this final match right now on this championship three two one thrown here we go the final with tornado miles out in front unexpectedly everything seems lost final is marred by more technical obstacles even the officials aren't sure who's won the track please award and it's going to tornado explains Vani UK despite the chaos tornadoes Luke Bannister comes through to take the trophy he and his team will take a victory bonus proving drone racing isn't just for hobbyists anymore it's entered the big leagues

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