Some people probably still hold the belief that drones are only for violent purposes; for launching missiles from the air. They may have guessed right, but the GDU Saga Drone says otherwise.

The GDU Saga drone, constructed by the GDU Tech in 2019, is a one of a kind type of drone designed with so many features and purposes such as for public security, fire safety, petrochemical purposes, media coverage, and maritime patrol. Its main goal is embedded in their mantra; In flight, day and night. It does not have a limit to when it operates as long as the internal conditions are right. It is also an update to earlier created drones like the Byrd and 02.

According to Jack Gu, the Director of GDU’s R&T department, GDU’s vision is to develop a quicker, lightweight aircraft for all kinds of industrial works in which they’ve realized in the Saga drone. The drone making company is pledged to create a drone that suits the taste of the users according to how they want their payload to be constructed.

The 1 kg saga drone boasts of the capability to handle multiple payloads for such a weight. It is adorned with not only a 4k camera but also with a powerful infrared technology which includes a camera for crop or power line inspection, a 10x and 30x optical zoom camera. Other fascinating payloads include a megaphone, target tracking to identify targets at a specific distance and not to mention, a gas detector in cases of gas leaks or infiltration.

The Saga drone possesses an incredible flight ability, and one feels safe while flying. It has a maximum horizontal flight speed of 15 m/s in sport mode and at sea level without the aid of the wind. The compact-sized device is also capable of a maximum flight altitude of 3500 m and a maximum tolerable wind speed of 10 m/s. It has a maximum flight duration of 39mins in place of the 12000mAh battery it possesses.

It does a lot of work within that period despite its weight and the amount of payload. Its controller gives one the confidence to fly it like one driving a car. It provides a solid feel. You can also charge the controller while operating. If this is not your dream drone, then I don’t know which is.

Video accuracy and quality is something to relish. It has an HD video transmission and distance of 7 km, a dual mode satellite positioning module and an IP43 protection level.

It guarantees your flight safety via its ability to avoid obstacles and can fly in the rain. Most drones must not come in contact with water else they’ll have problems, but the saga drone was built to be water resistant. The device opens all software-hardware interface protocols and contains a modular intelligent mission loading system.
It is also embedded with a QUALCOMM Snapdragon series processor and a smart UAV platform integrating software and hardware.

There’s also the GDU flight app which enables functions such as flight control, picture taking, and video recording, route planning, parameter setting, real-time flight weather conditions and more for to suit the style of the user.