Airselfie – Air DUO

The Ultimate Lightweight AirSelfie – AIR Duo

The AirSelfie AIR DUO is one of the few autonomous flight system drones on the market today.
This is the razor’s edge for an Italian designed lightweight digital aerial camera.

This drone is the thinnest, lightest drone on the market today allowing for maximum portability anywhere you need to go.

The AirSelfie AIR Duo is run from your cellphone and this gives the user the ability to make the ultimate HD photos. For the smallest lightweight drone, the AirSelfie Air DUO has the power and thrust needed.

This drone’s power is massive and gets its power generated by the turbo fan propellers. This powerful turbo fan propellers allow the pilot enough thrust to shoot the AirSelfie Air DUO 65 feet into the air at your desire.

This gives the pilot the ability to make the perfect videos and photos. The AirSelfie AIR DUO come with dual cameras. The future of drones is the AirSelfie Air DUO.

Make amazing memories you have always wanted

You will make incredible photos or videos with the AirSelfie AIR DUO which is equipped with dual cameras. This Drone has high definition cameras giving the pilot perfect control over amazing videos, selfies, and photos.

The AirSelfie AIR DUO comes with an 80 degree 12 MP front focused camera and a 110 degree wide-angle FOV 12MP zenith camera to give the pilot the ability to make the ultimate top quality pictures and video.

Power up WI-FI
The AIR Duo when turned on self-generates a 2.4 GHz network allowing WI-FI capabilities so the pilot can transfer video and pictures instantaneously. A beautiful touch of automatic technology at the flip of a switch!!!

Protecting your endless memories
The AirSelfie AIR Duo has a 16 GB Micro SD memory card. This gives the pilot the ability to keep a large storage of all your ultimate experiences shot with this drone. The AirSelfie AIR DUO uses state-of-the art materials in protective casing design.

The AIR DUO is made using an Anodized Aluminum aeronautical grade casing. This casing is the Ultimate in protecting your memories and your drone from damage, these materials also help to keep the minimum weight of this drone as one of the lightest in the industry.

Ultimate 400MAH 7.4 Battery
This AIR DUO lightweight drone is made with a built in 400mAH 7.4 LiPo battery, when the battery runs out attach it to the power bank or use a USB-C cable and plug it into one of your favorite toys to charge to capacity and launch it back into the air again.

The power bank
The AirSelfie AIR DUO’s aerial cameras are perfectly integrated with the power bank and this give the ability to charge fifteen times before the power bank has to be charged itself.

This gives the AIR DUO 105 minutes of flight capability.

This gives the pilot the ability to get the ultimate pictures and videos from this lightweight portable sized drone like the AirSelfie AIR DUO.

Use the Ultimate drone
The pilot can use an Android or iOS device to control the AirSelfie AIR DUO. There are very minimal time needed to study how to use the AIR DUO drone and the app is ultimately user-friendly.

Upon learning how to operate the AirSelfie AIR DUO the Ultimate experience is yours.

How to attain the AirSelfie AIR DUO.
You can purchase the AirSelfie AIR DUO on

Extra packages can be added for additional prices. Stick this drone in your pocket and gain the Ultimate experience.