Airselfie Air 100

The Incredible Featherweight AirSelfie AIR 100

The AirSelfie Air 100 is the cutting edge for an Italian designed featherweight pocket sized aerial digital camera. This drone is the thinnest, lightest drone on the market today allowing for maximum portability anywhere you need to go.

The AirSelfie AIR 100 connect with your cellphone and this gives you the ability to take endless HD photos of your friends, life or just yourself from a place in the sky.

For the smallest featherweight drone like the AirSelfie Air 100 the power this drone possesses is incredible and gives it a massive thrust generated by the turbo fan propellers.

This powerful turbo fan propellers also give the user enough thrust to launch the AirSelfie Air 100 20 meters into the air at your command. This gives the user the ability to take great original videos and photos from anywhere they want.

The AirSelfie AIR 100 is equipped with a 12 MP camera to give the user the best chance to get top quality pictures and video. This is the future of featherweight Drones, The AirSelfie Air 100.

Get the Incredible shots you desire
You will never miss an incredible shot or video with the 12MP camera that the AirSelfie AIR 100 is equipped with.

This Drone has a high definition camera giving the user total control in gaining the incredible Selfies, videos, and photos they desire.

WI-FI capabilities on power up
The AIR 100 when powered up has a self-generated WI-FI system that runs on a 2.4 GHz network allowing the user to transfer video and pictures immediately. A wonderful touch of automatic technology at your disposal!!!

Protecting your valuable memories
The AirSelfie AIR 100 has onboard a 16 GB Micro SD memory card. This gives the user the ability to log a large storage of all your great memories from each outing with this drone.

Tireless 400MAH 7.4 Battery
This AIR 100 featherweight drone is equipped with a built in 400mAH 7.4 LiPo battery. This gives this fast featherweight drone six minutes of flight time. When the battery run out just attach it to the power bank or use a USB-C cable and plug it into one of your favorite accessories to recharge the AIR 100 drone to full capacity.

Ultimate power bank
The AirSelfie has a power bank that is exactly integrated with the aerial camera and allows for charging fifteen times before the power bank must be recharged itself. This gives the AIR 100 drone independence of 75 overall minutes of flight time. This will give you the time you want to get the incredible pictures and video the user needs from a lightweight carry anywhere sized drone like the AirSelfie AIR 100.

Super incredible to use
You can use your Android or iOS devices to easily control your AirSelfie AIR 100. This app needs a very minimal time to study how to operate the drone, and this app is perfectly user-friendly. When you learn how to operate the AirSelfie AIR 100 the world is yours.

How to attain the AirSelfie AIR 100
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